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    Maybe I'm not critical enough, but I didn't really find any of the exposition to stand out or be a problem. I think I might have been too wrapped up in the story, though, because if Ivonova got out a slide projector and a pointer and started a 15 min lecture about the ramifications of the Shadow war I probably would have sat there listening thinking "cool" the whole time.

    for example, in The War Prayer, Cmdr. Sinclair said to Kosh something about "lending a hand" and it might not have occured to him sooner about the poision being on Kosh's "hand". The statement was in the context of attacks on non-humans and Kosh is in that category, it didn't seem out of place to me.

    The other thing was Ivonova's "Giant's in the Playground" speech, I thought it was the result of natural frustration and she was expressing it. It was a lot more clean and direct than some people's frustrated speaking, but it seemed to me that this helped Sheridan realize they had to get rid of both the Shadows and the Vorlons.

    Originally posted by Jonas View Post
    I personally rather like having the characters look back at previous events and wonder about them. I mean, it's the sort of thing that happens in real life:

    "You know when that one thing happened?"
    "Yeah, I heard about it."
    "I've been thinking, and it actually doesn't make any sense."
    "Well, those people are weird, who knows."

    Seems pretty natural to me.
    That is my biggest problem with the Thirdspace movie. I was fine, in of itself, but B5 was never a individual episode in of itself show and No One ever mentions it again! We really aren't for sure when it happened although the prevailing consensus seems to be during "Atonement". At least, I think that's the consensus.
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    "And what kind of head of Security would I be if I let people like me know things that I'm not supposed to know? I mean, I know what I know because I have to know it. And if I don't have to know it, I don't tell me, and I don't let anyone else tell me either. " And I can give you reasonable assurances that the head of Security will not report you for doing so."
    "Because you won't tell yourself about it?"

    "I try never to get involved in my own life, too much trouble."


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      Thirdspace was alright. I did like the Lovecraftian feel to it, but I agree that it doesn't fit into the arc at all.
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        Wow, this is a good thread and I'm going to have to go back and think about this. I suppose it's the issue with having a serial tv show, that it requires exposition.
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