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top 5 episodes of babylon 5

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  • top 5 episodes of babylon 5

    my top episodes

    the deconstruction of falling stars
    a very long night of londo mollary
    a view from the gallery
    intersections in real time
    the corps is mother the corps is father

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    Ooooh, difficult one. I ask that I be allowed to change this at a later date

    And the sky full of stars
    In the shadow of ZÆhaÆdum
    Passing through Gethsemane
    Severed dreams
    Sleeping in light

    One of my favourite moments is from Endgame, when the Agamemnon takes out the last platform. I had to get it down to ten, and the five which didn't quite make the cut were:

    Intersections in real time
    The Fall of Centauri Prime
    The Coming of Shadows
    Confessions and lamentations

    Crikey that's a hard question!!
    I'm a pessimist: that way you're never disappointed but frequently, pleasantly surprised