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  • Deathwalker

    Wonder if anyone is interested in discussing this great season 1 episode? I love the way almost all races were able to put their hatred/revulsion/condemnation of what Jha'Dur had done to one side, as it meant they got their greedy little hands on the formula for immortality. Even G'Kar (the old one!) restrained Na'Toth from carrying out her blood oath until he attempted to buy the anti-agapic. Kosh saw the danger and brought the Vorlon cavalry in to snuff out her threat, but of course he and they only did this because they knew that should humanity attain the secret of immortal life it would a) make them (in time) as powerful as the Vorlons and b) they would not be interested in preparing for, much less fighting the Shadow War.

    The way Deathwalker played one faction off against the other, with the horrible revelation at the end that the anti-agapic could only be harvested from living tissue, was at once masterful and chilling. The fact that Earth, who had fought a war with the Dilgar, and were aware of Jha'Dur's atrocities, could "put that to one side" in order to get what they wanted, that they would even trade with the hated war criminal, really showed us up as the total hypocrites we are. Not me, you understand...


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    Originally posted by Trollheart View Post
    Wonder if anyone is interested in discussing this great season 1 episode?

    There were similar troubles after World War 2, when the ethical question of whether the "science" that was done on living persons and the information gathered should be used or not. For example: The US pardoned some Japanese doctors from Unit 731 to get to their research results.

    The episode manages to bring this ethic dilemma very effectively to screen.
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      I think it's logical for the Vorlons to eliminate her and her research because that would generate more chaos than anything, and they represent the Order side of things.

      BTW, I've posted this many times, but I want the Digar War onscreen!
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