A while back somebody pointed to these books and I pointed out the oxymoron of them claiming ôHigh quality Wikipedia articlesö and laughed them off. Now IÆve looked a little further. One of the æeditorsÆ of Alphascript-publishing.com links to 33,918 items on Amazon and another with Betascript-publishing.com (hmmm...a pattern emerges) links to 18,278 items on Amazon. Basically, these people seem to be doing searches on Wikis and throwing them together as books (80-110 pages for the most part) for $40-$60 each. In other words, theyÆre leeches. They create nothing of their own and profit from the labor of others.

Yeah, well, everybodyÆs got the right to make a buck, right? Except...

Now Amazon is sending emails to people whoÆve bought other B5 items on their site to promote these books. Since the books are æin stockÆ and shipped from Amazon, I think itÆs likely that these æbooksÆ are actually being produced by AmazonÆs POD section.

I've posted negative reviews on several and intend to finish up after posting this note. I don't know if it'll do any good but I invite anybody else so inclined to post their own negative reviews along with me.