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    I'm coming late to this, but I've been on vacation.

    I saw the original broadcast of the pilot and thought it had potential. Then I didn't see anything forever. After a time, I assumed that it just hadn't gotten picked up, and basically forgot about it. Then I heard about a series starting up and it took me a while to realize they were talking about the continuation of "The Gathering". I watched it as it was broadcast, but, if you'll believe it, the episode that really started setting the hook for me was "Infection". The meat of the episode, moster loose on the station, was somewhat ho hum. Been there done that. But then at the end there was this great conversation between Garibaldi and Sinclair. He was bascially asking his friend if he had a death wish. What's more, his friend admitted that he didn't know the answer and thought he should. Then Franklin and Ivanova are talking and saying Earth would never do something so foolish -- and along come some government reps to claim the tech. Finally, there's Sinclair with a great speach about why humanity needs to be out among the stars. The last few minutes of an overdone story all of a sudden changed the whole impression of the series for me.

    As a side note, I can also say that B5 put me online. I had never had much interest in the Internet. I didn't have a lot of spare time and had a lot of other interests. Then I heard that there was quite a bit of info on B5 out there, and that pushed me over the edge.
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