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Can anybody tell me when Regio-2 Season 5 will be released?

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  • DGTWoodward
    OK, so you are not going to find an ARGOS in the Netherlands, (really must learn to read!!) But I am sure that there must be such store types in you area (even if not by that name). Or electrical discount stores that may import the cheaper Chinese/Korean/Thiwanese type machines of the type that I describe.

    Hope that clears it up alittle.....

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  • DGTWoodward
    Hello TM,

    Well, there is good and bad news. The good news is that it seems that all 5 boxes have been (so far) and will continue to be identical to the R1 versions. The bad news is that you will have to wait until 15/11/04 for season 5 in region 2! I know, it is a crime. That is why I didn't wait around and got the R1 version.

    I am also going to get the B5 movie boxed set from an R1 dealer because we really get done here in the UK on that one. It is missing 2 FILMS!!! Not one, but TWO!! What are you supposed to do if you want to listen to the commentary on "THE GATHERING" ? Buy it as a stand alone disc I'll bet (knowing Warner) and IN THE BEGINNING? Same story mate. Yep Region 1 for me.

    FYI, It may serve you well to upgrade to a multi-region DVD player. You can get them from approx ú40.00 at places like ARGOS - and if they are not region free from the can easily find the handset hack on line! My mum wanted region free at a budget so I popped along, spent her ú40 and within 2 mins of plugging it in...was putting out R1 pictures from the box! Cool. And it was a fairly smart (though basic) machine too. Nice and slim.

    All the best on your choices....

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  • Can anybody tell me when Regio-2 Season 5 will be released?

    Can anybody tell me when Regio-2 Season 5 will be released? I am waiting as fast as I can so...