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Minbari Stealth and EA/Minbar war

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  • Minbari Stealth and EA/Minbar war

    I did a search for Minbari Stealth and nothing came up so I hope someone here can help.

    I vaguely remember someone saying the JMS stated that the Earth Alliance could have forced an peace treaty with the Minbari if they were able to overcome Minbari stealth.

    Basically if they were able to probably target Minbari ships. The would be able to do enough damage to the Minbari to make them reconsider the war. Basically rather then losing 10:1 or what it was during the war. With the ability to target the Minbari the loss would be 3:1 which would allow the EA to win a war of attrition.

    Anyone know if this is correct?

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    Yes, it was in Season 2 "Points of Depature". Sheridan said that was the problem during the war. They couldn't lock onto the Minbari fighters. "something to do with the Minbari stealth techonology". He says in reference to the Trigati's fighters flying straight at the station :"So now, why can we suddenly see them. It's like they want us to fire on them".
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      Thanks for the reply, but I was looking for something else. It was a statement from JMS saying Earth could have won or something similar if it hadn't been for the Minbari stealth


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        I remember many instances of comments both on the show and in online posts about the Minbari stealth systems but I don't recall JMS saying anything about it having made that major a difference in the war. I'm sure it wouldn't have hurt, but the Minbari were still a massively superior force.

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          I haven't seen anything you are discribing from JMS, but if you got to Wikipedia and type in Earth-Minbari war does go into detail and back story of the war and is discribes pretty much what you said


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            My understanding* is that EA was completely outclassed and the stealth was just an additional difficulty. The Minbari had better: ships, weapons, engines, fighters, pilots, warriors, .... So stealth was only one factor.

            That scene in ItB when the war cruisers all pop out of their jump points for the final attack starting "The Battle of the Line" seems to dismiss Minbari indutrial capacity is lacking.

            *But I'm no expert here. I just love the show, I don't have any books or that extra stuff people often get into.
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