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To: JMS , WB x B5 = Problem Solved

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  • To: JMS , WB x B5 = Problem Solved

    Dear Mentor of Faith , Waver of Dreams , Mr. Joseph Michael Straczynski ,

    Greetings from Arabia ,
    i have a fan club here in Saudi Arabia since 1998 , it was only me at first .
    but now we have 73,851 Members in my fan club in Saudi Arabia who are interested in Sci-fi to addiction , i have trust in your words when you said through Babylon 5 "Faith Manages" and i have lived my life by this belief.

    I have a End to the Warner Brothers issue about Babylon 5 if you are willing to Consider the idea

    Highlight to read story ideas:
    Warner brother's Want Very Famous Actor
    JMS want's the Same Actors
    = No Problem
    Create New Specified Role's That does not Affect The Outcome of the Story tailored for these Actor's ? And Keep the Original Actors in their original role

    Adding more Value to the Babylon 5 Franchise and Keeping the Story intact !

    imagine ,
    Sean Connery ( Minbari ) someone in the Rangers Perhaps
    Edward Asner ( Narn Leader )
    Dennis Quaid ( Ranger ) or Terrorist Role ?!!
    Christopher Lloyd ( Minbari Worker Cast leader )
    Leonard Nimoy ( Centauri )
    Johnny Depp ( Centauri )
    Patrick Stewart ( Minbari )
    Jonathan Frakes ( EA President )
    Marina Sirtis ( Head of Public Relation of IA )
    Brent Spiner ( Head of Research and Development in IA )
    Alexis Denisof ( Human )
    Zachary Quinto ( PSI CORP )
    Amy Acker ( PSI CROP / HUMAN )
    David Warner

    i am sure that if you discussed the idea of it Warner Brothers will get loose a bit in their long-Term investment in Babylon 5.
    i am sure that Sean Connery will step out of his retirement if you sent him the Whole Babylon 5 Show including the Movies and told him what do you think ? one more movie ? he is a man of great taste and i am sure that he will like B5 as all of us did .

    i know that the loss of Richard Biggs and the Great G'kar ( Andreas Katsulas ) but if they were here now they would be made at us like hell , you know Dr. Franklin and his high morals and ethics . and Citizen G'Kar Will Give us a Lecture about the Subject.
    i belief that it is their will to make the story live , because the are still in it and they will always be.

    the more you add to the story the more people will know them ..

    G'kar ( i Think ) has two Sons
    one is ( Andy Hallett ) G'zad who follows his faith like his father and is a great speaker.
    one is ( ???? ) G'zall who is a great warrior which has many difficulties that led him to be a ranger .

    My Idea : 2 Trilogies ( 6 movies )

    The Shadows Legacy Saga:

    1- The Drakh Plague : Movie 2hr
    To complete the series crusade with the same actors and finish the unfinished work. Faith Manages.

    2- The Telepath Wars : Movie 2hr
    This topic was addressed many times in B5 and never . Faith Manages

    3 -The Long Night of Cintary Prime : Movie 2hr
    What Happen on centary Prime Complete the Books by Making the Movie. Faith Manages

    The Lost Tales Saga :

    1- The Fate of Bester : Movie 3.5 hr
    Just Like the Book , Bester is a Criminal on the Run & He Falls in Love . Faith Manages

    2- Valen , The One Who Was : Movie 3.5 hr
    What was The Real story of the foundations of the menbari federation. what is the real work Valen did ? Faith Manages

    3- The New Era ( after 20 years of Sheridan death ) : Movie 5 hr
    What if the future of the interstellar alliance & Earth & Mars & the rest of the universe after the Sheridan Era ? Faith Manages

    i have corresponded with many Original Babylon 5 Actor's Via Email , Facebook , And Registered mail .

    Walter Koenig "Would Love To Do The Fate of Bester idea , he liked it"
    Jason Carter "i Can't Wait To be Revived with Ivanova""
    Patricia Tallman "I Hope There is Another one , We all enjoyed it"
    Claudia Christian "No Comment!"
    Jerry Doyle "He Loved Garabaldi Character and would do it again any day"
    Leonard Nimoy " i am up for a new frontier "

    my condolence to the family of "Edward Woodward" he was the Father of Galen "Peter Woodward" and was the voice of the Sultan in Aladdin and he was part of the B5/Crusade Family as "Alwyn" , He Just past away Today Nov 16, 2009 .

    i was Watching one of the interview on Babylon 5 with JMS
    he said that it is written on a plaque on his Home "Never Give up Dreams"
    and i will Never Give up my Dreams of Restoring Babylon 5 to the people again .
    even if i will become the richest man on earth to do it and fund it , i will buy Warner Brother's and do it .

    Kind Regards and strong Faith,

    Dr. Mohammad Hatem Bahareth
    Jeddah , Saudi Arabia
    Author of
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    Dear Dr. Bahareth,

    Welcome to JMSnews. I hope you'll join in the discussions here.

    As far as we know, J. Michael Straczynski doesn't read any of the posts here. Your best bet is to post to the moderated newsgroup. You can find directions here.

    You'll see that I edited your post to hide story ideas. Here, we just have decided not to post story ideas as a courtesy in case JMS does ever visit here. Before you post over on the moderated newsgroup, though, you need to know that no story ideas can be posted at all. This is to protect JMS from lawsuits.

    JMS recently said that he's confident that when he thinks of a B5 story that he burns to tell, he'll be able to take it to Warner Bros. and they'll agree to making a B5 movie. Meanwhile, he's enjoying the success he's found writing feature films.

    Again, welcome.

    "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.