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  • TV Guides TOP Cult TV shows

    What do you think?

    According to TV Guide

    1. Star Trek
    2. The X Files
    3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    4. Farscape
    5. Monty Python's Flying Circus
    6. The Simpsons
    7. The Prisoner
    8. The Twilight Zone
    9. Xena: Warrior Princess
    10. PeeWee's Playhouse
    11. Mystery Science Theater 3000
    12. Family Guy
    13. Babylon 5
    14. Beauty and the Beast
    15. Quantum Leap
    16. My So Called Life
    17. The Avengers
    18. Dr. Who
    19. Dark Shadows
    20. Twin Peaks
    21. Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman
    22. H.R. Pufnstuf
    23. Forever Knight
    24. Absolutely Fabulous
    25. Freaks and Geeks

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    Re: TV Guides TOP Cult TV shows

    'inthe style of "Guys on Films"
    1. loved it-3 snaps for Roddenberry--w/ a name like that it says it all...
    2. hated it--someone give that man a hairstyle
    3. loved it w/ 3 snaps in a B formation
    4. It was gonna get 2 snaps, then we remembered the series finale and had to give it 3 bitch-slaps and a bag to the head
    5. yep--3 snaps for having the courage to take it to the snotty French type with their outRAGEous accents
    6. How long is Bart going to be in school? i thought i was the only 30yr old in still in the 4th grade
    7..Sorry--not old enough to have seen it--I think Aistling may be that old..hee hee
    8. Again I have only seen it in reruns--don't care for it--
    9. hmm..Let me see....Semi-hot woman dressed in leather..kicking your butt every episode..Where were the sign-up sheets for the stunt doubles? I wanna join...
    10. well, at the time it was on--i was a kid..and enjoyed it, but now that i am older---well, let's just say when i see advertisements for the DVD I always for some reason think dirty thoughts--(evil grin)
    11. Obvioiulsy you are not a true fan of this one or you would have saved time and simply typed in it's well known true identity "MST3K"..I gotta sat i love it when you get to hear someone else make fun of obviously stupid moives..just wished they could have done it to ST:Generations..I see it now.."Why is everyone so afraid of a shampoo?"
    12..come on--12? this deserved a top ten for having the balls to be in your face about it lack of PC..i am happy Fox is bringing it back this fall.
    13. well i am sure everyone here is gonna say this deserves at least a top ten rating..
    14. uggh--bad acting...making my eyes water..ears bleeding from her bad acting and poor choice of actress...
    15. I really loved this show--especially when they encountered the Evil Leaper..I still cry when i watch the last episode..and would love to see it return..they did leave it open you know..
    16. Teen angst does not deserve to be in the top 25..what's nest? an Emmy for Dawson's Creek?--dolt!!!
    17> You mean Capt America actually had a TV show?
    18. don't hit me too hard, but i never care for it..just not my way to spend an afternoon in a phonebooth..
    19. again--to young--neer saw it except for parts of reruns on Sci-Fi
    20. no-way--not gonna comment--I still shiver when i see a cow look up at me in a field..(shivers)
    21. shoot her now, shoot her now
    22. My dad says it was the Captain Kangaroo of his time--
    23. definetely underrated show--deserved higher rating just because of the crap they stuffed the ballot with in this poll.
    24. just can't get in to this one
    25. another underrated show--reminded me of school..yes i was a geek..weren't we all..give me some skin..come on--all A/V boys and girls--don't leaveme hanging..

    but here are a few i think should have been included:
    Knight Rider--by the way--what did KARR's initials stand for?
    Andy Griffith
    Carol Burnett
    Puff the Magic Dragon
    Power Rangers-don't shoot me
    GI Joe
    Laugh-In--come on Aistling--you gotta vote for this one..
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      B5 at 13 and Twin Peaks at 20!!

      and i don`t even want to know what PeeWees House is!

      on the plus side i can agree with 3-8, but trek is 1 due to volume only, not quality.
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        Is the original article available online and can anyone provide a link to it?
        I wonder what criteria they used for the ranking...
        I'm not sure a show as long-running and successful as The Simpsons can really be called a cult show anymore.

        Good to see B5 and Farscape listed.
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          Farscape at 4? ( sorry but it should have been 14 )

          Buffy at 3? ( should have been 13 )

          Pee Wee Herman ? ( fire him into the sun...)

          How Bizarre!

          Still it is good to see Python & The Prisoner keeping the british end up as they say.

          B5 AT 13? ( should have been 3 - behind original TREK & The Prisoner )

          A Travesty surely!

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            If memory serves, this weeks TV Guide took two pages to document all the flaming letters they got bashing the choices (which hazier memory says was in an issue a few weeks ago) and picking other cult-ish shows. They probably didn't print 'em all either, just rounded up the highlights.

            Not sure if it'd be online.

            EDIT - they have most of their regular columns online, but none of their features (like this) seem to be archived - just a snippet teaser for the current week is it.

            DOUBLE EDIT - And lay off the Buffistas and 'Scapers.
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              Re: Re: TV Guides TOP Cult TV shows

              Originally posted by Ranger 6 and 7/8
              Knight Rider--by the way--what did KARR's initials stand for?
              KARR stood for:
              Knight Automated Roving Robot


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                Radhil wrote:
                And lay off the Buffistas and 'Scapers.
                damn right!!

                Scapers rule OK!

                it even survived skiffy killing it off, how many shows manage that!
                "The trouble with being a cynic is that you eventually get labelled as a highly reliable fortune-teller"


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                  Originally posted by circularREASON

                  Still it is good to see Python & The Prisoner keeping the british end up as they say.
                  And dont forget DR Who. Although I think it should be head and shoulders above most on the list. There are not many of the shows listed that could have lasted nearly 30 years like Who did.

                  I also find it strange that the Prisoner is so high and Blake's 7 never got a mention.


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                    Hello! hmm...

                    I think that clearly Red Dwarf should be somewhere in that list.....
                    on the other hand its odd to see Ab Fab in there...
                    maybe a new cult BBC comedy show called "Human Remains" could get a mention ... if anyone has ever seen it?