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Edward Woodward has died - Crusade

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  • Edward Woodward has died - Crusade

    Edward Woodward, Peter's (Galen) father has died today. He played his father in an episode of Crusade too.
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    I'm sorry to hear that. He was a great actor and I loved his character in "The Long Road" (Crusade).

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      I just read about it, too. He was a fine actor.

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        I read about this this morning. He was fine actor.


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          RIP He was always great, whether as the Equalizer or Crusade, or any of the rolls he's had over the years. My condolences to his family, especially Peter.
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            That's too bad I thought he and Peter did a great job together in Crusade.
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              He was wonderful in Crusade and passed on a great talent to his son. For B5ers his part in Crusade will always be his legacy to us.
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                Another sad loss in the B5 universe.
                R.I.P Edward.


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                  Sad news indeed.
                  The Long Road is my favourite Crusade episode, largely due to Edward being in it.

                  Alwyn wasn't Galen's father though. Just a friend.
                  Nobody does dragons anymore, do they? Pity. Too showy I suppose!


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                    I very much enjoyed Woodward in the TV program, "The Equalizer". Sadly, the program didn't last much longer after he suffered a heart-attack and was limited in making appearances in the remaining episodes. Robert Mitchum stepped in to help take the pressure off Woodward, but the show only lasted another season or so afterwards.

                    The good news is that "The Equalizer" finally made it to DVD, I believe, last year.


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                      Originally posted by Opaque View Post
                      Sad news indeed.
                      The Long Road is my favourite Crusade episode, largely due to Edward being in it.
                      I Agree!! (and I do like Dragons )


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                        Originally posted by DeMonk View Post
                        Edward Woodward, Peter's (Galen) father has died today. He played his father in an episode of Crusade too.
                        Just in the interest of accuracy, Edward Woodward played Alwyn, a fellow Technomage, but not Galen's father in "Crusade" ("The Long Road"). Galen's biological parents are revealed in "The Passing of the Techno-mages" trilogy of novels. In "The Long Road," Alwyn and Galen talked about Elric, Galen's teacher and the man who raised him.

                        If I said anything more, it'd be a spoiler for the Technomage trilogy.

                        I'll always remember Edward Woodward as Alwyn, The Equalizer (McCall) and Sgt. Howie (The Wicker Man).

                        RIP Edward. You'll be missed.
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                          Apart from the fine roles already mentioned, did you ever get CALLAN in the USA? It was a fine, tough, gritty cop drama where Edward played the title character. There was also a movie based on the show. The signature visual for the show was the naked, swinging lightbulb playing over the theme tune. It was actually something landmark show here in the UK.

                          Edward also had a tremendous singing voice, a talent he very rarely got a chance to shine through with.

                          A real loss.

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