Hello everyone I am new here so this will be my first post. I'm sure going thru the archives that I'll find things discussed here.

I have gone through the series I don't know how many times (have everything ever done with B5 on dvd) and I just can't get enough of it. I watch it a few times a year and discover new things each time I watch it. The way this was all tied together from episode 1 was amazing. Like watching "The Gathering" I noticed that as soon as the "new Ambassador" (Kosh) got through the airlock and saw commander Sinclair the first words were entalza valin (sp) it foretold of season 3 when we found out that he was valin. The connection that all 5 seasons hold to each other is just absolutely amazing and I completely enjoy watching it every time I do. I don't think that this show will ever get old. Perhaps this series will be the third tv show to be canceled to come out with a major motion picture (god i would love that), and I still wish that every day this show would come back in some form (continuation with crusade or going on with the movies like "the legend of the rangers"). JMS is an absolute genius when it comes to linkage and creative inspiration. I even will go as far as to say that when I hear Jerry Doyle on talk radio that it reminds me of babylon 5 every time. It was such a great tv show/movies that there will always be a place for babylon 5 in my heart. I will continue to watch them for years to come and hopefully continue to find new things that I never saw before like seeing the doctor from babylon 5 (season 3 I believe) is also Dureena Nafeel in crusade and that byron is the same person as the minbari that came to Delen to ask her for her vote to go to war with the humans after Tukat was killed. With each viewing of this show I can see things more clearly than the time before. Thankyou goes out to JMS for such a great show that will captivate me and my friends for years to come.