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    I have come across some profanity-laden posts by JMS back in the 90s where he refutes people's suggestions that he had borrowed or ripped off certain aspects of other media franchises, books, comics, etc. Obviously, creators are going to parallel each other sometimes. It's unavoidable.

    Along those lines, I noticed something while wrapping up season four. In Timothy Zahn's "Thrawn trilogy" of novels that reignited the Star Wars name in the 90s, he introduces several new archetypes into the franchise mythology. One of these was Garm Bel Iblis, a former Corellian senator who, with Mon Mothma and Bail Organa, formed the Rebel Alliance (retcon). After a while, he didn't like how Mothma's cult of personality took on a life of its own. They clashed over something, so he left.

    It reminded me of the Garibaldi/Sheridan relationship. However, Iblis re-emerged five years after RoTJ and joined the New Republic. He had been waiting in hiding with his forces, striking at the Empire on his own and waiting for Mothma to become a dictator, which never happened.

    Also, I watched IIRT today. What a fantastic episode.
    Recently, there was a reckoning. It occurred on November 4, 2014 across the United States. Voters, recognizing the failures of the current leadership and fearing their unchecked abuses of power, elected another party as the new majority. This is a first step toward preventing more damage and undoing some of the damage already done. Hopefully, this is as much as will be required.