I just finished reading Chronologies, and I have some things that are quite unclear to me... Can someone answer me few problems that I encountered so far? Thanks

Problem 1:

In Babylon 5 Official Magazine volume 2, issue 10, in article "The Great Machine" by Fiona Avery, there is stated this: "By 2279, Franklin has analyzed the Keeper that he and Marcus found on Captain Jack on their trip to Mars. He has discovered a way to remove the keeper from its host without damaging the host's nervous system in the process. So There is a way to remove the Keeper from David by this point".
Is that correct? Because I've read Legions of Fire: Out of the Darkness and I think that there was stated, that Franklin was NOT able to remove the Keeper from David unless he would kill him in the process.

Problem 2:

Where was Morden before the Icarus mission? According to The Shadow Within, he was on Station Prime near Centauri Prime, and went away on Icarus from there. But according to Deadly Relations: Bester Ascendant, he was on Ganymede and Icarus stopped there to get him on board.

Problem 3:

In "B5 comics #1: In Darkness Find Me", there is stated that Sinclair left Earth for Minbar on Earth Alliance Shuttle named Icarus. But in "Across Time and Space: The Chronologies of Babylon 5", on the page #157 there is stated: "Jeffrey Sinclair leaves for Minbar abroad the cruiser Solaris to take up his role as Earth Ambassador". Which is correct? Did I missed something?

Problem 4:

About Technomages - have Gwynn, Finian and Kane (Legions of Fire trilogy) been with other Technomages in hiding place? Because according Chronologies, they haven't been there and while they were on Centauri Prime, Galen was still in hiding place. So where where they?

Problem 5:

It is said, that Franklin and G'Kar went beyond the Rim - how it is possible that they returned? Because I thought that only being capable of traveling from one side to other is Lorien.