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  • AaronB
    Lyta post Telepath War

    For some reason I am under the impression that Lyta didn't survive the war. Has there been any information about this?


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  • Andrew_Swallow
    There is no information on the other mistakes made by the Vorlons but Sheridan could probably keep Lyta busy for 5 years putting them right. Possibly after the Telepath War.

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  • chaostaenzer
    Hi i love Lyta,
    welcome to this Forum!

    1) Before you are asking questions that have already been answered you can always search in the jmsnews archive. For example, i've found this one.

    Actually, the computer voice specifies that it is continuing to
    note atypical solar emissions...atypical meaning something unusual is
    going on.

    Why Sol was manipulated hasn't been answered yet. And, as far as i know, its also unknown who is responsible for that manipulation. The humans don't go beyond the rim (not yet) they are evacuated to the Vorlon homeworld (the new earth).

    2) Perhaps we will learn more about those mistakes in the future.

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  • Ranger1


    its been answered already.

    Oh btw welcome

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  • I love Lyta
    started a topic Open B5 questions

    Open B5 questions

    Hi all,
    yes I'm new to this forum so these questions might very well have been discussed earlier on but I wouldn't know what to search for in the post archive so here are two questions I have.
    Also I have not read any novel so far due to lack of time and availability of said novels.

    1) in "The Deconstruction of Falling Stars " Sol goes nova one milllion years after Sheridan's death. According to astro physical calculations it's not supposed to before 5 BILLION years. So obviously mankind must have "kindled" the nova after they moved to the new earth.
    Question is why? Are they fleeing from a more advanced race? Are they going beyond the rim and don't want to leave anything the younger races might find and use to their advantage behind?
    Has this been cleared up somehwere somehow?

    2) in Thirdspace Lyta mentions "so many more mistakes". Is there any info what these mistakes might be?