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Did Anyone see the Changling?

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  • Did Anyone see the Changling?

    I just watched it and found it amusing that J. Michael used the "never start a fight, but always finish it" theme through out the movie

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    Check out the Movies forum, ILUVJOHNSHERIDAN. Yes, hearing "Never start a fight but always finish it" felt like a nod to the fans, didn't it?

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      that's how Itook it!


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        I noticed it right away. Well, it was right in the begining. I thought that it was a reflection of the philosophy of the writer rather than any kind of plant for any fans, but I sure noticed it and could easily see how it could be taken that way. It really does sum up the theme of the movie, though, to not give up, no surrender, no retreat as it were. Even when authorities said go away, just deal with it, give up Christine did not give up or run away.

        Well, that's my long winded take on it.

        P.S. This reason is probably what interested JMS to write this, I suppose. Someone else more in the know could answer that, but although the settings are really different the theme of not giving up and sticking to your self(*) are the same.

        *Y'know sometimes you wouldn't think English is my only language, the way I butcher it, but there it is.
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