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Speculation on new book series

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  • Andrew_Swallow
    The adventures of Lyta and G'Kar.
    The Shadow and Earth Civil Wars from the view point of a private.
    Telepath War.
    President Sheridan's activities (West Wing in space).
    Garibaldi's adventures as a company boss.

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  • B5-Craig
    started a topic Speculation on new book series

    Speculation on new book series

    I've been wondering about possible premises for the new forthcoming B5 book series that JMS mentioned recently. The last few trilogies covered a lot of ground. What premises could they use that havent already been covered in the previous books?

    Captain Ivanova? (like maybe during the S5 period?)
    Centauri Occupation of Narn/Narn Resistance?
    Valen vs. the Shadows?
    Captain Gideon? (or something else Crusade-related?)
    The Great Burn?
    The First Ones?
    Something to do with Minbar?

    Other stuff I haven't thought of? And what about the
    format? More trilogies like the Del Ray books? Stand-alone books
    like the Dell series? Or will JMS go with some kind of different
    format altogether?