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    Originally posted by Z'ha'dumDweller
    <<That is a story JMS would undoubtedly want to tell on-screen, rather than in a book.>>


    Kind of like how he told the story in Legions of Fire on screen? Or not...
    No, kind of like how we know JMS wants to do the telepath war onscreen, and how those who watched Crusade know:

    It is Lennier who is helping Lyta, who was supposed to be the TP being held by the Psi-Corp that Matheson? let go.
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      I agree with NotKosh--The Telepath War is the only really big era that hasn't ben touched by the novels..the kind of did an end-tun around in in the Psi-Corp books..and in the other triolgies i don't remember them saying anything about it..and you gotta admit if Warner Bros is wanting something "Hot" and "Now" then telepaths are the current scifi wave..and i wouldn't look for it if it is indeed a movie to be out until like '07 or '08 at the earliest. There are too many heavy hitters coming out in the next few years for it to really be e big muscle..

      I mean you have Episode 3(whether you like it or hate it), Spidey 3, Daredevil 2, Alien vs predator, Dr Strange, Hellboy 2,and a whole slew of other sci-fi fantasy movies coming out..then again I may be wrong.

      But, guys i think this would be a great time for WB to make a new series, they lost 2 big hitters from their tv lineup--"Buffy" and "Angel". making it a good series like they have with Smallville would really take it to Star Trek and maybe challenge them enough to get out of their slump..

      what do you think..just my humble opinion..
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