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    Originally posted by Z'ha'dumDweller
    <<And I bet they don't even mention my name!>>

    No, but during this scene in one of the manufacturing centers, there was some guy leaning against a poll with a really skinny face and a cig hanging from his mouth.
    They cut away before my famous "first guy to puke over the rail of a stealth ship" scene? It was my only claim to fame!
    I believe that when we leave a place, part of it goes with us and part of us remains. Go anywhere in the station, when it is quiet, and just listen. After a while, you will hear the echoes of all our conversations, every thought and word we've exchanged. Long after we are gone .. our voices will linger in these walls for as long as this place remains. But I will admit .. that the part of me that is going .. will very much miss the part of you that is staying.