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    mmm lyta............
    Duracell Bunny is arrested and charged with BATTERY!!


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      This is what JMS said about the possible movie back in 1998:

      In addition, I think we need to have the B5 cast available for a feature film that is getting more and more probable by the day. That, to be honest, is where they're finally going to make the kind of money they've all earned by staying with this show for this long.

      He wanted to do a story that used as many as possible of the B5 regulars (Consitent with the Story) as a REWARD for doing a good job.

      So, assuming he still feels the same way, it would have to fall somewhere in the 20 year timespan between Sheridan relocating to Minbar and "Sleeping in Light"

      Other than that, we don't really know anything.

      Although he did post once that he would Like to do the Telepath Wars as the first of any feature films because there were some loose ends he would like to tie up.

      Besides, studio honchos LIKE wars. Lots of chances to blow things up...