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    Originally posted by Jan View Post
    Looney and I were just talking about his meeting Andreas at the Mall Tour yesterday. We're both at Space City con in Houston.

    Prior to Andreas' appearance, I met a young lady who attended college in the Boston area. She was a fervent Babylon 5 fan and traveled to St. Louis for the sole purpose of meeting Andreas. We had an enjoyable conversation, but I never got her name. I also did not get a chance to tell her about rec.arts.sf.babylon5.moderated.


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      I failed to meet Tracy Scoggins when the tour came to Texas. Her flight was late and I had tickets to The X-Files Expo, which was happening in a hangar fifteen minutes away.

      I eventually met Tracy the week Andreas died.


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        Originally posted by Dan Dassow View Post
        Sadly, the Saint Louis location of the Babylon 5 mall tour, Crestwood Court mall closed its doors in April 2013. Demolition on the mall started April 17, 2016 and a new development will be in on the site.

        It's hard to believe that I met Andreas Katsulas at the mall more than 18 years ago.
        That mall is such a fond memory for me, though I was only in it the one time. I live north of St. Louis and the only time I ever get near the area that mall was in is if I am going to Six Flaggs or driving to or from Houston. I remember it had kind of a strange layout. That will always be where I met Andreas and where I bought my Claudia standee - and passed on the Bruce and Jerry standees. I wish I had bought all three so I could have had Bruce sign one at the B5 reunion at Space City Con 2014 like I got Claudia to do. Sure wish it was in better condition. I still can't figure how it could have possibly gotten the damage it has. But it sure looks awesome with that signature.
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