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short funny bit (Jerry Doyle auditioning for B5)

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  • short funny bit (Jerry Doyle auditioning for B5)

    I just read this in an interview and thought it was funny. I don't think I had heard the 2nd part of this story before:

    jms: [When Jerry Doyle] came in to audition ... I looked up from my sheet and I said, "Who are you here to audition for?" And he said, "The role I'm gonna get." At the bottom of his resume, you know how it says "other skills?" It said, "Member of the Dance Theatre of Harlem." I looked up and said, "Wait a second -- dance, mofo!" He had put that in there just as a joke and no one had ever caught it before. That was the same kind of attitude that Garibaldi the character would have.
    Jerry could not and did not dance, but he did get the role!

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    Isn't he also a little pale to have been a member of that esteemed dance troupe?
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