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"Sleeping in Light" - Ten years ago

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    Here here, Del

    Just went back and read your post.

    You seem to have it completely surrounded, yes?
    Only a fool fights in a burning house.


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      Originally posted by Jan View Post
      Hard to believe, isn't it? It was on November 25, 1998 that "Sleeping in Light" aired and the Babylon 5 saga was completed and the lights turned out by a rather familiar looking maintenance guy.

      Ten years is a chunk out of anybody's life. And yet there are still B5 communities like the moderated newsgroup and the JMSnews forums (which began 5 years *after* the show ended!) and B5TV and others.

      I've seen many shows that had sites try to stay alive after the end of new episodes and most of them go dead or deteriorate into flamefests or spamfarms after a short period. JMS' assertion that B5 attracts great fans continues to be true. B5 fans form communities.

      Thanks to DVDs and rental sites and online availability the show continues to attract new fans. Long may it continue.

      Hard to believe? Not for me, I still remember that day like it was yesterday. Though I knew it had to end, I thought I'd never see something so beautiful.


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        For now, all I can say is this.
        From upbringing and peers during the formative years, I mistakenly prided myself on the control of emotion.

        When I finished "Sleeping in Light", I learned much.
        Jesus wept, as they say, and so did I.
        Perception is reality...
        Until the audit goes public.



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          I just listened to the Barry White song "My first, my last, my everything" and suddenly I though "hmmm? Why do I know these words?!" ^^ => You're my sun, my moon, my guiding star. I guess JMS listens to Barry White too ^^