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The Truth About Zathras

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  • thegavel
    Maybe "when we all meet again in a place where no
    shadows fall",
    we can all stare in awe at the statue of ZATHRAS and chant.....
    "This is wrong tool. No. No. Not good. No. No. Never use this".

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  • Jonas
    started a topic The Truth About Zathras

    The Truth About Zathras

    I have just realized something dreadful.

    Horrible. Frightening beyond words.

    Do not let your children near this post. It might shake the foundations of their reason forever.


    Zathras' species lives a long time.

    Zathras went into the past. Where he lived a long time.

    Who is Zathras' father?



    It makes perfect sense, if you understand Zathras.

    Or... if our minds dare to think about this... maybe Zathras has no beginning. He is the closed circle. As for his brothers... well... maybe there is some cloning technology down on Epsilon 3, and he was a little bored.

    Yes. This is how it is being.