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    Originally posted by Rhapses
    It seems that some people in here have gotten a little carried away.

    So just that everyone knows:

    1. Star Trek and Babylon 5 are two totally different stories/universes;

    2. Both were created by two totally different people;

    3. The comparison therefore of both, becomes irrelevant and is slanderous for both when you compare the both. You must remember that there are fans for both series and while everyone has a right to voice their oppinion, they should also respect others oppinions;

    4. Star Trek is a much larger and longer running franchise than Babylon 5. It's only expected that once the creator of this franchise left us (may he rest in peace - !! ), the people who would take over would change it since they were not him and have their own ideas of where to go. The same would happen to B5 if it's creator too, left (be it to the grave or just handing the reigns to someone else and not having a bar of it ever again);

    5. Finally once again, with both universes being different, you should keep that in mind as the world we see today (REAL LIFE) does not say there IS Klingons/Romulans/Vulcans/etc out there, nor is there Centauri/Minbari/Narn/Shadows/etc either. Both are works of fiction and both are only reflections of where the world COULD go. For those technically minded people, think of it as different dimensions if you must (think Sliders). Each dimension having its own storyline and history.

    And just to finish my message, don't take what i say in a technical or literal sense. I don't want you to knit-pick what i say and make your own technical derivations from my own comments. If you need clarifications, ask :-)

    But all in all, i'm simply saying both series are totally different. Timelines have nothing to do with it. They aren't even made by the same people :-) So people, please just calm down and instead focus your energy on encouraging JMS and supporting him in his work. This IS after all, his forum.
    What happened when you registered? Did someone already have "Master of the Obvious" as a username?

    Welcome to the forum.
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      Coeurl... the "Black Destroyer," you bring memories to me bakana. That van Vogt book must have absorbed the short story with that title. When I read it I immediately thought it was the basis of Alien, but didn't know that van Vogt had to sue to get that recognized. It was a great short story.

      Rhapses, welcome, but you should know that this is not JMS's forum really, check the FAQ:

      It seems many of us here have the opinion that Star Trek now sucks... I respect that.
      Actually, I respect those that like Star Trek, I just don't respect the latter days Star Trek shows.
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        Coeurl... the "Black Destroyer,"
        Close, but Alien was from Another bestie later in the book. Coerl was just annoying in comparison. The later beastie started kidnapping crewmen and implanting Eggs in their chests.
        Sound familiar? <g>

        van Vogt didn't let it go to the point where the beastie killed the entire crew, though. He had the "spockish" character figure out what was happening and how to defeat the creature.


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          Originally posted by NotKosh
          What happened when you registered? Did someone already have "Master of the Obvious" as a username?

          Welcome to the forum.
          and she says not to take any of her stuff no make fun of..boy are you in the wrong forum..I think Aistling buds in the NBS might have a counselling session planned for you

          seriously, this is a fun forum--we tend to suspend reality while here..If you want reality then follow these simple steps.
          1. stop
          2.push your chair away from the computer
          3.get up--if you fall into the decreased mobility due to your girth being approximately the size of a small moon, then call for help.hee hee
          4. shut off the computer..................

          dang it she must have shut it off ok will someone tell her the rest..

          5. go outside and breathe the sweet summer blossoms flowing up the mountain side and you hear that--oh no--not that--anything but that....------------(music in the background swells to earsplitting as the one tune that will drive any true scifi fan intoa fetal position begins to play)
          "THE HILLLLLS ARE ALIVE WITh the sound of muuuuuuusicccc....."

          "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..." Ranger screams and starts shking back and forth mumbling "mercy killing mercy killing mercy killing..please someone anyone--mercy killing.........
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