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  • JMS Newsgroup?

    How does one sign up for this and participate in the newsgroup?

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    Cribbed from the 'Emailing JMS' thread:
    Now as for the newsgroup....go to Google Groups and search for Babylon 5 moderated. You'll find a result " " If you post to it, you have to have a valid email address. When you post the first time, you'll get an automated response with the terms of the group and upon responding that you agree, you'll be able to post.

    It can be a little frustrating at first because you'll be on hand moderation for the first 20 posts or so which causes delays in posting. Starting new threads are similarly delayed. The reason for that is that there really aren't many moderators anymore. Jay and Cheryl are the main ones I'm aware of and they've been really great recently with the Eep due and now Rick Bigg's passing.
    This is one way. Using Google is frustrating, though, because there can be a long delay before posts show up even after they've passed moderation. I'm not familiar with newsreading software as I post via AOL. Probably the others here can advise you on newsreading software.

    Another is to send messages via email to [email protected] as RCModeler also noted.

    You'll see a fair number of familiar names over there. Nice people, even if I do say so as I'm one of them....

    "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.


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      You can also use many e-mail programs to read newsgroups. Call your ISP to find out how to configure your program to connect to their news server. The "help" file in the software itself should tell you how to subscribe to a given newsgroup, if your ISP doesn't also walk you through this step. Pretty easy stuff, really.


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