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    I have to agree that the two Narn comics from the original run aren't very good. The story wasn't great, and it just didn't really feel part of the B5 universe for a number of reasons. I seem to remember reading that it was originally a rejected story pitch for the tv show, and I can see why they didn't go for it.


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      It was a story David Gerrold had outlined for the show. The outline is in the new script book available at I think this is the quote you are thinking of:

      jms 10/13/1995:

      I wasn't terribly pleased with the artwork on 9 and 10, I thought it could've been much better. As for the story, David Gerrold had proposed (and written) that as an outline for an episode; I said I didn't think it worked for our show. Which opened the door for DC to pick it up, and since he felt so strongly that it *did* work, I figured I'd let him proceed.