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Jeff Conaway on Celeb Rehab

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  • Jeff Conaway on Celeb Rehab

    Is this crap for real? It seems a little staged but I know Jeff has hada bad history of this sort of problems.

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    Unfortunately, it seems to be. He had a meltdown while on some weight loss program and then did this. I think the show was over some time ago.

    IIRC, I heard that he'd left the rehab program and was perhaps exploring Scientology for help. Don't take that as gospel, though.

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      Yes the show ended a few months ago. He left treatment shortly before the show finished filming, but on the reunion show it was revealed he had conquered many of his addictions. He did appear to be doing much better, although not as well as could be.


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        It's very real. I watched it for 2 minutes and felt sick and couldn't do it anymore...
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          It is now running there in the UK and Jeff is the only justifiably famous person in the trails that I can recognise. The next most 'famous' person along acquired fame by marrying a superstar and buying herself a very large pair of plastic breasts.

          Jeff has done GREASE -The Show (twice!), GREASE - The Movie, TAXI and BABYLON 5. A respectable body of work.

          To those lucky enough to have met him they will know that he is a vital, energetic, capable, confident and well presented man and NOT the mumbling wreck in the show clips.

          I, of course, acknowledge that he is not well and wish him a good and swift recovery. However, until he is better, we will prefer to remember him as the Jeff Conaway that we see in B5 - surely his best and most consistent piece of work so far?

          As for the porgramme? The trails were enough for me - I wouldn't give it the time of day...pure gutter tabloidism cack.

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            I wish Jeff the best as Zach I always felt he played the role of someone who was always just a little out of this league. Sure he was in control but you got the sense that it could fall away from him at any moment. Looking at the problems he has had that might be a bit of man coming through the Character. Then again JMS always did like to have actors that fit the character rather than forcing an actor into a character.

            I found this doesn't really talk about any on or off the wagon stuff but he sounds up beat in this article.
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