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  • Babylon 5 DVD season sets

    I recently got my five seasons of Babylon 5 on DVD. I'm going through the fourth season and my set is missing number 4 and has two 5. I've got 1,2,3,5,5,6. I've emailed Best Buy. Anybody have this happen before?

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    I've heard of a few cases in the past where the wrong disk was in a set. I haven't heard of any instances where the retailer wouldn't replace the set.

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      Best buy says they'll replace it. I just thought I was special.

      I've been watching Season 1 again now. I really like season one. I got through infection. Garibaldi says to Sinclair, (roughly translated), "it's easy to have a reason to die but it's harder to have a reason to live" A quote that is said again three years later by Lorien to Sheriden. It seems I always pick up something new when I watch them again. Should pick up more with the clarity of the DVD.


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        Has anyone noticed new 'slimline' DVD boxsets of the series? I'm pretty tempted to pick them up to replace my battered originals.


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          I just recently ditched all my DVD jackets (almost 1000). I already had them in CD album binders and they were taking up way too much space. I kept the liner notes of those that had any.
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            Does the new slimline case have anything different from the "old" DVD set. e.g. - Actual content, booklets, etc... ?
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