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  • 15 years later, and ...

    I never noticed that!

    In "The Gathering" the Links light up.

    I just noticed it. The computer pages Sinclair and tells him Delenn is waiting for him "She says, she's in the garden," it tells him. He taps the Link, and the buttons on it light up.

    It doesn't do that in the series proper.

    I love this. I love finding new things that have "always been here" ... Know what I mean?
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    Originally posted by OmahaStar View Post
    I never noticed that!

    In "The Gathering" the Links light up.
    Really? Cool! I'll have to watch for that the next time I watch it. I know the links they ended up with are much different from the ones JMS originally envisioned.

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      As I remember, the links in the Gathering are actually more like bulky wristwatches and not proper links at all.


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        I wonder if the change was made for budget, convience, or some other reason.

        Is anyone collecting all these questions to ask JMS while he's stuck in the signing bunker?
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