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Red Dwarf / Babylon 5 Crossover ....

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  • Red Dwarf / Babylon 5 Crossover ....

    Now, wait a minute. Hear me out. Before you bring out the rotten vegetables.

    Okay, I was watching my second favorite sci-fi show, Red Dwarf, last night. I realized that the Red Dwarf is 5 miles long. That triggered a memory. Isn't B5 five miles long? Son of a gun!

    Red Dwarf is the subject of constant movie rumors and now B5 is the subject of constant movie rumors. AT THE SAME TIME! Veerrry Interesting, I say.

    The Red Dwarf disappeared during the middle seasons and the Babylon 4 station disappeared. The plot thickens...

    Rimmer disappeared from the Star Bug to serve on a noble mission as Ace. Sinclair disappeared to serve as an ambassador and eventually as Valen. the implications here are terrible to contemplate, but we must be brave.

    I think that the indications are there for those not afraid to face the truth.

    So my guess of for the new movie title? Babylon 5: The Madness of Starbug! Taa-daa!

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    Sneaks up behind Vorpal with a Bazookoid

    KABLAM! Muahahaha!


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      Actually there's been tons of pre-production work done on the RD movie, just one thing stopping filming at this point-money.

      "You are now what we need you to be..."