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Why did the Minbari fear Sheridan in S2?

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  • Why did the Minbari fear Sheridan in S2?

    One thing that I could not figure out was why the Minbari seemed to fear John Sheridan in the early episodes. Yes, he engineered the only real human victory against the Minbari, but he used essentially terrorist tactics to gain that victory. Now, don't get me wrong, I do not condemn Sheridan's tactic. Earth was in a fight to the death and just about any tactic was justified at the time. But after that episode, the Minbari still had nothing to fear from Earth or Sheridan. Hopefully they even remembered to turn on their radiation sensors when travelling through asteriod fields in the future. Sheridan's got a lucky hit against an unwary foe. That makes him smart, but it does not make him a great warrior. At least not in the manner that the Minbari would count great.

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    I don't think they feared him, I believe they hated him.


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      Yeah, I never saw any real implication of fear, just a whole lot of hate.

      If anything, I got more of a sense of fear from the Minbari towards Sinclair then I did from Sheridan.


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        Yes, they hated him for destroying their flagship with a crippled earth cruiser (and for rubbing in their faces that the Dralafi was not lost in honorable combat, but rather scragged as she was attempting, so she thought, to slaughter helpless survivors). But I think there was also supposed to be just an element of fear in their stance. Sheridan was known as a guy who didn't get caught without a plan, and moreover a guy whose plans worked.

        If Sheridan, with no guns, engines or defenses could wipe out their flagship and a couple of other heavy warships, it was hard for the Minbari warriers to imagine a scenario in which they would be guaranteed to beat him.
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          Not to mention that after being forced to surrender to an enemy so obviously inferior, letting the human race live because of their whim, some punk with a bad hairdo comes jumping into their face about the only real victory of the war (which didn't mean a damn anyway). You bet they were pissed.