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Crusade: Complete Series (DVD) on sale for $14.76...

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  • Crusade: Complete Series (DVD) on sale for $14.76...

    CRUSADE: The Complete Series on DVD is currently on sale at Deep Discount for $ 14.76 (free shipping). It has been on sale since last weekend...

    I ordered a copy but was surprised it is described as "full screen" (4:3) instead of widescreen...

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    Hi. I bought Crusade when it first arrived on dvd and 4:3 was the only aspect ratio available. I was also surprised by this because I liked the look of B5. Does anybody know if Crusade was filmed in widescreen?



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      It was filmed in widescreen.


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        It's shipped out and I should get it in a few days. If you guys see any of the other B5 DVD's on sale I need to get them yet and appreciate the heads up.


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          Unfortunately we'll probably never see the wide-screen of Crusade:

          jms 9/6/2004:

          The reason that WB was able to release B5 wide is that TNT had paid to have them re-telecine'd to that format. It would take about two hundred grand to go through and do that with Crusade...and even though they've now grossed about half a BILLION dollars on the B5 dvd's to date, they don't seem inclined to want to spend that.


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            Hm. Wonder if the suits at WB have taken another look since 2004, especially since the success of The Lost Tales?
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              That is a terrific price! And I thought I'd got a good deal paying about £12 ($24) when I got mine.

              I must admit it was disappointing with Crusade not being widescreen still at least it got released on DVD at all... Looking at MGM * * Jeremiah season 2! * *
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                So 4:3 was the only release... what a disappointment!... Well, maybe we'll see it eventually in widescreen when the B5 universe gets re-released in Hi-Def format! But it was still a great price to add this to my B-5 video collection... (along with the old TV series "V"....)