IÆve updated the site that I put together a while ago.

It now contains a fair bit more writing on it from a number of contributors. ItÆs clearly not finished, and the format of the site is creaking a little under the weight of the various new content, but as I need to take a break from it for a while (to deal with some real life stuff) I decided to post it up now.

IÆm still in the middle of talking to a few people (as well as the current contributors) including a couple of those behind the Legend of the Rangers and the new Lost Tales, as well as a few more connected to B5 & Crusade in various ways. So there is quite a lot of things still to add to it.

As before Mac users have no chance of viewing it (Opera & Safari). IE and Firefox should run it as should Netscape (with the IE emulator turned on for the window your running it under).


Anyway, any thoughts? Anyone in particular that you think should be on it thatÆs not already there, anything that you want an answer to?

Hell, is it interesting?