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    Originally posted by Truth66 View Post
    If I remember correctly, this was brought up before in these forums. I can't remember who it was, but they raised a very good point. That point was if this was done there may not be a market for it because there wouldn't be any "Human Characters" in it. The story would focus on the other Space Bearing Races and as we know, Humans weren't in space during the first Shadow war.
    Having said that, JMS could do a time travel story somehow with Humans somehow witnessing the begining, duration and end of that war.
    Couple of thoughtsà.

    àIf Michael OÆ Hare could be convinced ($$) to resume his role as Valen. The story could be structured like LondoÆs æIn the BeginningÆ movie reminiscing the days of his leadership during the Great War during the final days of his life. The story would end with Valen writing Sinclair and Delenn the letter which they will receive 1000 years later.

    At the end of æWar without End,Æ Sinclair aged many years ahead of his time while attempting to get B4 back in time. To simplify, this could coincide with his current age and I think a bit of latex and make-up should do the trick to bring ValenÆs look back. (thinkà Emperor Palpatine)

    As for Marketing, I think this is exactly what American Sci-fi needsàa story that pushes the boundaries as the B5 series did during its time. This time however the story places focus on Aliens with a Human character placed in the background and serves as a key point of the story to turn the tides of events. Ironically, this background Human character is inversely the focal point of the story. As a side story, it would be interesting to see how Delenn is a decendent of Valen. Perhaps the aging Mira Furlan is DelennÆs great, great, great, great grandmotheràwho knowsà Simultaneously, it would be very interesting to see how Valen formed the Grey Council bringing the 3 Minbari castes together and the Rangers. So many loose ends that would make an amazing come back for the B5 series.

    àjust my 2 bits.


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      I think at this point we'd be lucky to get a book.
      What a wonderful world you live in. -
      Yeah, well, the rent is cheap, the pay is decent and I get to make my own hours.


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        Originally posted by glindros View Post
        I think at this point we'd be lucky to get a book.