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Season 5 DVD error?

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  • Season 5 DVD error?

    In light of the recent news, I wasn't sure if I should post this or not, but I will anyway.

    First, my deepest sympathies to the family of Richard Biggs.....He will be missed greatly by the B5 family.

    Second, did anyone else notice an error in "Phoenix Rising"? R1 disc, at 1 minute of the episode Bester's voice and video go out of sync for a few seconds. Can anyone confirm if this is present on all the copies?

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    Yes this is present in all the copies. It's not so much a DVD error as it is a Letterbox-version error. When Sci-Fi switched to the Letterbox version, not everything was dumped as well as it should have, and as such there's some occasional visual inconsistencies. While some were fixed while still on Sci-Fi (teapot in Midnight), a number still remain. This is one.


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      Thanks.....thought I was watching a Japanese Dubbed version for a second...