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Sad news: "Today we lost Richard Biggs"

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    ''This journey has ended, another begins. Time to rest now.''
    Duracell Bunny is arrested and charged with BATTERY!!


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      Originally posted by CRONAN
      I hate to ask this but...I wonder how this will affect the B5 project.

      ...that's a worry for another day.


      Is it? Everyone has the right to define their own concerns and priorities in life.
      If your priorties put a movie project over the death of an actor you've loved for a number of years, a person who has gone beyond and all he ever will be is no more, who is certain to be missed by a great deal of people... if you put that below a project that hasn't even released any details about it, then your priorties are in terrible need of readjustment.


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        I think we can all safely assume that no one needs the bickering in-family right now. We need to lend our support in any way we can to the family and close friends of Richard Biggs. May I suggest we put our energies to that end?


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          Originally posted by circularREASON
          ''This journey has ended, another begins. Time to rest now.''
          Folks, can you keep the bickering out of this thread, please.

          Have a very nice day.
          Richard Biggs 1961-2004. May he rest in peace.


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            If anything I posted seemed to be bickering, I sincerely apologize to the group. My only thought in my response was that the question of how Richard's death would effect the new project wasn't anything that could be known yet.

            "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.


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              I found tribute page for him at, where you can leave a message to his family, and stuff.

              Have a very nice day.

              EDIT: They have an adress to which you can send your condolences:

              Mrs. Laurie Biggs
              c/o Pat Tallman
              6433 Topanga Canyon Blvd. #207
              Canoga Park, CA 91303
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              Richard Biggs 1961-2004. May he rest in peace.


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                Personal fund raising effort

                As all of you know, JMS said that there might be a fund raiser for Richard Biggs' children. I'm sure that further news will be forthcoming but I wanted to get something started now.

                I had a few auctions a while back after JMS recued Buddy the cat and suggested that donations to the shelter that helped him would be a niceness. There was such an outpouring of support that I thought it would be a good thing to do again.

                I've started a new Ebay User ID - RBiggsMemorial and a new PayPal account for email address [email protected]. I've got two auctions already running for super-rare autographed Sleeping in Light CDs:



                and plan several more. All proceeds from these auctions will go toward the memorial fund.

                Please note that this is strictly my *own* effort and not official in any way. I have no objection to anybody using the PayPal account to send direct donations and if so, I'll forward the information on to any official rundraising. At this time, I'm not really asking for direct donations until I can possibly link the account to an official memorial fund.

                Thanks folks,
                "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.


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                  I wasn't trying to be glib or anything when I made my comment about how this might affect the new B5 project. As someone who works in the media, it's something that came to mind, and almost the second that a few friends of mine heard about Richard's passing, they asked me if I thought it might have an impact on it. Well, I have no idea. I certainly hope not. Richard's talented performance will be sorely missed and will live on in all of us fans as long as Babylon-5 is around.

                  Thanks for the heads up on where to send condolences, fgalkin.

                  *Does so now*


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                    Hi Everyone,

                    this is my first post to this site and i must say that i am saddened and shocked by Richard's untimely death. it is obvious that Richard touched many lives through his performance as Dr. Franklin on B5 and also through his personal involvement with the fans.

                    Richard was certainly taken from us during the prime of his life and he will be sorely missed by all of us.

                    i just finished watching Sleeping in Light the other day as i concluded watching my season 5 DVD set and all i can think of now is that i hope Richard is sleeping peacefully in light somewhere beyond the rim.


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                      then your priorties are in terrible need of readjustment

                      Since this is an opinion, there is bound to be someone else out there who will disagree with it.

                      As with Jordan, it is possible to be both concerned about an actor and a B5 project at the same time, though, with respect to the topic, prioritizng one over the other in this forum may not be the best way to go about earning brownie points.

                      Didnt mean to upset anyone with my last post, as it was more hypothetical than anything else.
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                        It is not the end.

                        I am sure we will see Richard again when we all meet 'beyond the rim'.


                        To show our unity at this time is the least we can do isn't it? We are the B5 family and we have lost one of our own.

                        The TMOS movie would be a fine way to show our appriciation of Rick - maybe as in scroll names after end credits - as in LOTR (Extended) did with the Tolkien fan club. A Fitting tribute.

                        Will somebody put this to JMS?
                        Duracell Bunny is arrested and charged with BATTERY!!


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                          I was shaken to read that Richard Biggs had died, and it felt very strange to see him on B5.

                          I noticed that there was some conversation about adjusting priorities. Everyone deals with the loss of a special person in their own way. The hard fact is that there is no use in mourning IF your mental health can do with out it. Nothing gets changed by mourning, Richard doesnt come back and neither will it make a difference in the world, but it does help coping with the situation. There are so many different people, that for some it is easier to take a deep breath, feel the empty feeling in your stomach, and start thinking of the future and what it might bring to you. For most (?) of the people it is very vital to mourn and show their feelings to begin the healing process.

                          Many of you instantly thought it to be rude to be asking how Richard Biggs' untimely death affects TMoS, but you have to consider the fact that it is their way to handle with the situation.

                          I think we all should respect that.
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                            good idea, it is the least that could be done, and please do not flame on this tread, we sould be above such thing for the time being we have lost one of our own, we sould honor what he gave to us by recounting good memories not fight with each other.

                            The avalanche has already begun it is to late for the pebbles to vote.


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                              And lets not forget Paul Winfield (Franklin's father in Gropos) died recently too...."father and son"...if i look at it that way (god im depressed),two fine actors in the best show on this planet are gone.

                              And btw i would not bash that guy who said "I wonder how this will affect the B5 project"...
                              Me too,B5 is my favorite show (still),and i dont know those guys personally (although watching B5 since 1994 i feel i lost someone close)...well lets just say there will be no original cast of Babylon 5 show reunion ever after this sad news (of course they can get together and talk about Franklin and all..but still its not the same and never will be).

                              May you rest in peace Richard Biggs.
                              Sleeping in Light-----Darnit! Shut the Window.


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                                As I'm sure many did this Monday morning, I signed on after a weekend of being out of touch, and discovered that my breath had suddenly left me.

                                Tears shed for one of a cast that I, for five years, considered dear friends (and still do). No other show or film touched me, reached into my soul, or moved me like Bablyon 5. When SiL aired, my breath left me in much the same way as it has this morning. I felt then as if my best friend had just died...and now one of them has.

                                The universe, both imagined and physical, will never be the same.

                                Marcus once made a comment in B5 about the universe being unfair...indeed. I find myself grasping for some word, some comforting thought, and nothing emerges. Just the pain of loss and the deep concern for Rick's family and friends. As much as we are hurting right now, I can't imagine how deeply they are wounded.

                                His voice will continue to echo down the halls of our lifes -- forever.

                                Peace and light go with you Rick.


                                "Nothing's the same anymore."

                                Sorry for the copy/paste from my posting over at B5tv, but it said what I felt and quite frankly I'm still stunned for words.
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