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Bester and the history of the PSI Corp

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  • Bester and the history of the PSI Corp

    I would love to see a new B5 series that focused on Alfred Bester and the Psi Corp. Season 1 would cover the early corp, then could move on to the build up of troubles on earth then finally the telepath war.

    It would be a perfect companion series to B5.

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    Could be a lot of fun stuff in there, but I'm not sure JMS would be that interested since it covers ground that was already covered in the Psi Corp Trilogy.
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      Indeed, you want the early story of the Psi Corps, just read the first book of the Psi Corp trilogy (it will also tell you something about who were the parents of Bester, and why he was named Alfred Bester).
      Want to know about Bester's early years, read the second book of the trilogy. It ends with him leaving for his first visit to B5.

      But if you want the Telepath War then keep waiting. The book trilogy avoids that timeframe in a very deliberate manner. The third book deals with the final days of Bester, when he is being hunted as a war criminal after his participation in the Telepath War (and Garibaldi is trying to finally get his revenge on him).

      The usual speculation is that JMS has been withholding the story of the Telepath War for something special, maybe a teathrical movie.

      The books are considered almost completely canon (JMS outlined them for the author).

      (P.S. your post was too short to contain story ideas, but you may want to be careful about suggesting speculative directions for B5 to take, that is allowed elsewhere, but not on these forums).
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