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    for a feature release, JMS will probably need a more mainstream title.

    i am thinking:

    Babylon 5: The Wrath of G'Kar!



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      Assumptions, assumptions

      Falling back on the word 'Shadows' in the title seems too mundane for a JMS tactic.

      Let's back up a step. The teaser name is B5:TMoS.

      I think it is interesting that folks are assuming that the "t" has to stand for 'The' and the small 'o' stands for 'Of.'

      If'n I was a sneaky author type who was trying to tantalize fans, then I might try a little misdirection by using capital and lowercase letters in the teaser in a manner that is misleading.

      Do I have a guess? Not yet....


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        >>While I agree that the "movie" (if it winds up that way) will most likely be in the same timeline as B5, I strongly doubt imho that JMS would re-hash a story that has, in essence, already been told. We know what happens to the shadows, where they went, et al. Why re-hash it?<<

        Because telling about the mark the Shadows left behind (not saying any more, as it would be a spoiler for those who haven't read all the trilogies) isn't rehashing; it would be a new story that hasn't been told on film yet.

        And why the heck is everybody _so_ sure it isn't "The Meaning of Spoo"? That was my guess, it was the first official guess over on the moderated newsgroup, and I'm sticking by it! <g>