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    Looking at how WB is doing such a great job of promoting the TLT, the next one may not come out. I have been playing around with writing my own fanfic based on canon (or as close to it as possible) for a couple of years now. Could I publish it here, or is there another spot to publish it?


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    Hi, Tino, glad you stopped by.

    No, per the Rules and Guidelines, fanfic isn't allowed here. One place I found a while back which links to fanfic is the Purple Files Database. Maybe some of the others can help you with more.

    Don't give up on more Lost Tales yet. Corporate wheels grind slowly but JMS reports that sales exceeded expectations.

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      Try . They host every sort of fanfic , B5 included .

      If you want to go to a site specialised in B5 fanfic try Jumpnow , there are a lot of good fanfics there .

      And as Jan said , do not lose hope .
      Nacho .