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    Originally posted by Jan View Post
    To expand a bit on KoshN's reply, JMS had indicated at the Hawthorne convention that the feature film, 'The Memory of Shadows' (aka TMoS) would have at least some of the Crusade story in it but since that dead-ended, I don't know what, if any, more of it we'll ever see.

    one must always hope jan. if(and with b5 this is a big if) if wb decides to do more lost tales dvds maybe we'll get some of our crusade answers there.
    speaking of any word on TLT continuing?


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      Originally posted by Lunan View Post
      speaking of any word on TLT continuing?
      Nothing so far. Maybe once JMS digs out from under all of the deadlines he's been facing he'll be able to tell us when to even start looking for word.

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        Originally posted by Capt.Montoya View Post
        The media jargon I know for what ACtA was to Crusade is Backdoor Pilot.

        (those that actually know can correct me, of course)
        Well, my understanding is that you have that back to front.

        Legend of the Rangers was a "backdoor pilot" because it was commissioned as a standalone TV movie, but SFC (who commissioned it) were happy to turn it into a series if it was a big enough draw for the viewers.

        A Call To Arms was commissioned as a B5 TV Movie at a time when the Crusade TV series was already going to happen. It is therefore not doing the job of a pilot (of any kind) but serving as a segue between the two stories, moving the whole thing on from B5:TOS (as it were) into Crusade.
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