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B5 Nielsen Ratings?

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  • B5 Nielsen Ratings?

    As someone who didn't know sh1t about B5 until about 1999, and is about 12 000 km from the US, could someone enlighten me what were the B5 Nielsen ratings, when it first aired. Judging by the JMS posts, they were, well, apparently acceptable for a show with 950 000$ budget. Anything more concrete floating around?

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    Just type in the word "ratings" on the search bar of the home page, and you will get 331 postings by JMS on the topic. He usually shared them pretty freely.

    The bottom line was always "good enough to get renewed." And that is what counts. My guess would be that the show probably garnered around a 10% share (ten percent of viewers watching TV at any given time watching B5). It seemed better in smaller markets (since there was less locally-produced competition) and better on the west coast.

    The fandom seemed to be fairly small but very loyal. The numbers didn't change a whole lot over the course of the show. Given the nature of the show, that was perhaps understandable - what gobstopped the fans was inexplicable to the guy channel-surfing after the last 'rasslin' match of the evening.
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