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About to start a WORLD of speculation!!!

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  • About to start a WORLD of speculation!!!

    I'm surprised nobody has picked this up yet since it says it's been posted since May 5th....I have no clue about the validity of this picture but it looks pretty legit from a pretty legitimate B5 site. Ahhhh well....let the speculation and overanalyzing begin!

    Enjoy kiddies.

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    Please tell me you're kidding, that you understand that the picture is a joke and that there is no way on God's green Earth that B5 would ever end up on the cover of Time magazine. Especially during the month of May 2004 when one or two more newsworthy events have taken place.

    There are about 50 more reasons why this "cover" is couldn't possibly be real and why it should be obvious to anyone it is a gag, but that's the main one. I'll supply others on request.


    Joseph DeMartino
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      Hi Qsilver,

      As Joe said, the TIME magazine cover is not real. I was just fooling around in Photoshop, that's all. I'm sorry for the confusion but I thought I was clear on my website that it was artwork. Anyway, thanks for the compliments and let's hope that the real announcement is made soon!


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        there is no way on God's green Earth that B5 would ever end up on the cover of Time magazine


        Forget B5, there is no way jms s mug would ever end up taking up that much space on any magazine.

        Really the public can only stand so much exposure to B5, THAT is beyond overkill.

        Joe plz list all the other reasons why this would never happen, if anything for sheer entertainment value.
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          I will admit I was a bit suprised at the amount of attention Babylon 5 was getting all of a sudden...hahahaha we can still hope though. Ahh well.


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            I just may print that out, tape it to a real TIME cover and leave it on a buddy's desk at work...
            Got movies?


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              "enjoy kiddies" enjoying kidding

              I'll give you another reason why this has to be considered a gag:
              The URL itself, just because it says "babylon5" it doesn't mean it's "a pretty legitimate B5 site."

              And I'd also love to see Joe DeM deconstructing the other reasons...

              That's a great photoshopped image Jeff Cushen.
              I do think that the "about" and "disclaimer" pages in your website were clear enough for anyone that would read them.
              Of course I am one of those rare people that do read those and the FAQ pages of websites.... I think we're an species in risk of extinction.
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                Well, in fairness the link goes straight to the image, so if that is all you were sent, you'd miss the disclaimers.

                But, for those who asked, here a few more reasons why this couldn't possibly be a real cover:

                1. When was the last time you saw a movie, any movie, on the cover of Time when production was just being announced? Bueller? Anyone?

                2. Time and Newsweek are cut-throat competitors and one of the things they work hardest on is keeping their covers a secret until just before publication - when it is too late for the other guy to make a change. This is one reason people make such a big deal about the rare times when both mags put the same subject on their covers. This is allegedly the cover of the "May 31st" issue of the magazine. There is no way Time would make it available as early as May 5th.

                3. Time is a news weekly - so the idea that they'd even have their May 31st cover selected as early as May 5th is ludicrous. There would be virtually a 100% chance that they'd have to dump any cover chosen that far in advance because of breaking news.

                4. There isn't going to be a "May 31st" issue of Time this year. A lot of people don't realize that magazine cover dates refer to when a given issue is supposed to be removed from news-stands, not placed on them. Thus the May issue of a monthly like Life would go on sale April 1st and be replaced with the "June" issue on May 1st. Both Time and Newsweek officially publish on Tuesdays. May 31st is a Monday. So the Time edition that fist goes on sale that week will be the June 8th issue, which will replace the June 1st issue that was still on sale on Labor Day Monday, May 31st.

                I wonder if anyone has sent this link to JMS? I'd bet he'd get a kick out of it.

                Oh well, a fellow can dream.

                (And speaking of dreaming - go to Jeff's home page and follow the link to some of his collages of Pat Tallman. *sigh*)


                Joseph DeMartino
                Sigh Corps
                Pat Tallman Division


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                  I never knew Pat did stunt work for whatshername who played Crusher.

                  However, looking at the the image of the "Dr" falling off the ship/whatever, it is obvious when you look at the size of the Dr's thighs .
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                    This is a quote from EMPIRE ON-LINE and their excellent Canne daily diary. It is referencing Cannes at the moment.

                    ''Throw a stone in Cannes and chances are youÆll hit someone trying to make a movie. Not that being hit by a stone will make them come to their senses. Getting a movie backed and financed these days - especially UK co-productions thanks to the GovernmentÆs recent crackdown on tax relief - is damned difficult. But would-be film-makers are evangelical about making it - almost all of them out here on their own dime, pounding the streets, getting hand cramp trying to make deals and put their names on the map. They wonÆt be disillusioned by knock-backs and certainly not by stones randomly hurled into the ether by Empire journalists.''

                    Makes you think doesn't it.

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