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Crusade episode ratings?

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  • Crusade episode ratings?

    When watching Babylon 5 on DVD, I often had a look at the episode ratings just for fun ( I had already seen the series on TV before, so it wasn't to help me evaluate the series, but simply to see how my opinion of the episodes was compared to the average fan.

    Now, I'm curious, I have not found similar ratings for the Crusade episodes. Have the Crusade episodes been rated in any way, that I can find on the net?

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      Superb link, thank you very much!


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        Interesting... of 553 people voting on Severed Dreams, 41% gave it only a 9... and 1% gave it an 8! That last group must have been the East German judges.!

        Interesting also that Infection is rated the worst episode, and TKO next-worse, by quite a margin over The Gathering, which is third-worst.
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          I think the Lurker's Guide also has some ratings, but probably not with nearly as many people participating as with other polls.

          I think I like Point of No Return better than Severed Dreams, but really, those episodes all mesh so well that you have to rate them as one.
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            Well, Ive always had a soft spot for REALLY BIG EXPLOSIONS AND FART NOISES so ''Severed Dreams'' over ''No Return'' for me.