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Crusade - Trace Miller???

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  • Crusade - Trace Miller???

    Ok ive just watched the series again, and from what i can see he just disappeared with no explanation, did i miss something. Im trying to put an article on him on The Babylon Project ( So any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    He was added to the cast during the production hiatus that preceded the creation of the "TNT notes episodes" at the behest, IIRC, of TNT Atlanta (in a way similar to, and for the same reasons as, the way Warren Keffer was added to B5 in the second season). There were only going to be six episodes he could appear in, and he appeared in two of them (108, War Zone, and 111, Ruling from the Tomb). He didn't disappear, he just wasn't used all that much. there weren't many places in the episodes in which he did not appear where he could have been used, except as an "extra."
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