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Babylon 5 music is featured on my own myspace page

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    Originally posted by AmyG View Post

    My guess is that after this posting, some B5 fan will rat you out, and you will get a warning from myspace. As for that last comment...I'm certain myspace is already dealing with piles of "cease and desist" letters from copyright owners.
    No, you didn't. And you don't. Because you know you are doing something wrong now, but still you persist. Incredible.

    I agree with Amy. You are not only in error legally, you are doing it willfully now that you KNOW you're wrong. Which is worse. And in the spirit of Babylon 5 being about choices and personal responsibility, here's a choice for you...

    Remove the music from your myspace, or we can all report you. I don't mind being a "rat" if it's for a good cause. And no, you don't always get a warning. I've been on myspace for a long time, and I've known plenty of people who have screwed up and been cut off. No warning. No passing go or collecting 200 dollars. And the fact that you are not alone does not make you right. And if you're B5 fan and a fan of Chris Franke, you should damn well know better!


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      Okay, folks, I'm locking this thread. Alex has asked me to delete the thread but I'm going to verify it with him first because Amy's right about the educational possibilities here.

      Meanwhile, it seems to be testy out all over so I'd appreciate it if everybody took a deep breath and went to neutral corners.

      "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.