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Illegal B5 models

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  • Illegal B5 models

    Edit: maybe not illegal, just unknown until today,.

    So I was checking out the B5 items on Ebay.

    I saw some EA ship models I had never seen. I have the Revell station and StarFury models. Those were the only ones I could recall.

    What I saw were UK models by "Warp Models" Prices were 125 and up.

    I found a site that lists a lot of Warp models, ST/SG1/Space 1999/B5

    A description on the MonstersInMotion site/store mentions Warp Models as a small, low-production operation.
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    I guess it would be if they don't observe copyright or pay royalties; at least I didn't see anything on their website that suggests they do. I'm happy to be proved otherwise.