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    As i browsed,i noticed something...maybe its nothing but looking at it pops up a few question marks in my head.

    Babylon 5: The Gathering

    Price: $5.98

    Availability: This item will be released on June 8, 2004. You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives.

    -Now i know that Region 1 of the Gathering comes with In the Beginning,Region 2 has TG and ItB separate.

    -The price: very cheap so it looks like the region 2 version (aka no commentary or anything,which is kinda lame)

    -Availability: June 8, 2004 , isn't that the date of the telemovies release on DVD? if so this is another clue as to the box not containing TG and ItB
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    This has nothing to do with the other B5 releases.

    Warner Bros. is issuing a bunch of cheap discs containing the first two hours worth of several of their TV series as "samplers" to tempt people into checking them out and - they hope - buying the season sets. Shows that were introduced with two hour pilots (like B5) are having those released, while shows that started off with regular episodes are getting 2 (for one hour dramas) or 4 (for half hour comedies) issued on these six buck discs.

    Purely a marketing deal from Warner Home Video, and B5 was included just because it is a Warner Bros. produced TV series. This won't affect availability of the existing double-feature TG/ItB disc or the upcoming special editions in the movie set.


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      Any chance of this release having any extras not on the dual set?


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        Looking at the price..i doubt it
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          Well I'd at least hope it has proper sound formatting, as I seem to remember the original The Gathering DVD having a less-then-par format for DVDs.