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  • Question about "The Gathering" DVD


    I just found this site and thought someone might be able to answer a question I have regarding the DVD release of "The Gathering"

    I bought the Babylon 5 Complete Universe box set (UK version - Region 2) last summer but was very disappointed to find that it was the original version of The Gathering and not the 1998 Special Edition / TNT cut included.

    I had heard that only the special edition had been released on DVD.

    You'd think that Warner Brothers would make sure to include the special edition in the complete boxed set, it kind of spoils what is otherwise a fantastic box set.

    Can anyone tell me if the special edition is available on DVD in the UK (Region 2) ??

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    Yup. I bought the stand alone movie and it was the special edition. Which surprised me as at the time IÆd only seen the original and the box is more or less identical. The impression I have is that all the later editions of the movie are the TNT special version.


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      You might want to contact WBHV UK customer's service, see if they can do anything for you. It's a bit of a pain to find any contact information for WB, but you might try a search in the phone book, and see whoever answers the phone can help you.

      I personally was under the impression that at least for the UK most Gathering DVDs were in its TNT edition form, and it was mostly use mainland Euros that had the version mixups, but I guess I was wrong. I personally just ended up buying the US version, which together with a region free DVD player, ended up working out fine for me.


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        I too bought the Complete Universe boxset expecting that the TNT version of The Gathering would be the one inside, and was rather annoyed to find otherwise. In the mean time I've used *ahem* nefarious means to watch the TNT version when going through B5, though one day I'd like to get a proper, legal copy. Since I didn't want to get a Region 1 NTSC edition (which would involve re-buying the other movies in the US boxset of five that I already own), I thought I'd probably just wait and hope for an eventual HD release, but if you have any luck with contacting WB about this, let me know.


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          I bought my copy a while ago and it turned out to be the new version. The trouble is they released both in R2, and I don't think there's any way to distinguish them by the case alone. It's pot luck unfortunately.


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            Thanks very much for the info guys.

            Interestingly this is what the review states...

            On the DVD: Babylon 5: The Gathering is presented here in its 1998 Special Edition version. However, nowhere on the packaging is this stated. In fact, the back-cover credits are incorrect: apart from anything else, this version features a new score by Christopher Franke and not Stewart Copeland's original. Special effects and sound quality are also superior to the original version, even if still only presented in 1.33:1 ratio and two-channel Dolby.--Paul Tonks

            Check it out...


            It seems Warner Bothers UK screwed up big time here, there's no way to tell which version you'll get.

            I think I might try my luck and buy another copy from amazon - if I get the original version again I'll just send it back.


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              The British version of "The Gathering" DVD was the second version. The German DVD was the first version because no tv station paid for the translation of the second version, this still has an English sound track. Warner Brothers sold out of the British version and now tend to sell the German version. If your equipment can handle it go for the US DVDs.
              Andrew Swallow