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Final CGSociety TLT article.

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  • Final CGSociety TLT article.

    Maybe a bit more technical than the previous ones, but a really good read. The previous two also listed for reference.

    Babylon 5 Production Diary Part 1

    Babylon 5 Production Diary Part 2

    Babylon 5 Production Diary Part 3

    One really interesting thing JMS says, on the nature of this first disc, and the future of TLT:
    And will there be any more Babylon 5 shows in the future? “Any further B5 DVDs will depend on the sales, and on Warner Brothers giving us sufficient money to take the step of making any subsequent DVDs bigger than this one,” says Straczynski. “This was kind of a test of the concept of making what is essentially a series on DVD, which hasn't really been done before. But it was a test, with a very modest budget. If we do more, they have to be done with a larger budget so we can involve more of our cast members, do bigger FX and locations and the like. If we can't keep making them better, then they shouldn't be done.”

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    Wow, as if I wasn't excited enough about the Lost Tales already! Ooh, I'm just salivating thinking about all the things he could have in mind when he says that...


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      You mean the coming 10 DVDs which contain some episodes called "Galen's Crusade part 1-5" which tie up all Crusade-storylines, alongside the Garibaldi-Bester-stories and a few others, which will lead up to the big screen feature film "Babylon 5: The Telepath Wars"...?


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        Oh, sorry, I forgot about the set of mini-series which show the events of he canon book trilogies on screen...!