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SciFi-Com: Interviews Sheridan - Lockley - Galen

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  • SciFi-Com: Interviews Sheridan - Lockley - Galen

    I got this in my mailbox:

    Enjoy the read.
    Understanding is a three-edged sword: your side, their side and the truth.
    John Sheridan

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    Very kewl interview. I honestly had never heard any of the bad blood between them. I had heard about the supposed "pilfered jacket" but nothing else.

    Anyone want to fill me in?
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      All I know is that Bruce was really angry over B5 ending and there *may* have been rumors that he and other original crew were supposed to be in Crusade. As little as two years ago at a con he was still saying that B5 should never have ended.

      Because I'm a brat, I had an 8 X 10 of the "I did not burn my crew jacket" photo to see if he'll autograph it for me.

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        I asked Bruce about that flat out in part of the interview that's on Dreamwatch:

        I had no hesitation in asking him, because I know how disappointed he was when we talked during 'A Call to Arms,' so it seemed perfectly appropriate, because I knew I wasn't putting words in his mouth.